first prize nominated

Client: private
Project duration: 2007-2010
Gross area: 1394,45 m²


Private courtyards

03 Apartment

The “Bucureștii Noi/Bazilescu” area is one of Bucharest's areas which remained up to the 90s outside the major urban transformation gestures which have redrawn the city. It is precisely this patriarchal atmosphere of the houses and of the gardens overrun by greenery and grape vines which gives most of today's special atmosphere of the streets behind the main arteries. Even under the current disparity in the neighborhood's development, housing still is clearly and strongly connected to the outside space: the courtyard, the street, the neighborhood.

Our project tries to bring in a monovolume - the “apartments building”, characteristics from the local type of inhabiting (house + garden). All apartments open to both street and garden facades through large glazing. Whether they have their own courtyards (such as the ground floor apartments), loggias (1st and 2nd floors) or terraces (top floor), the interiors open towards the outside and the surroundings through wide, comfortable spaces. Except for one, all apartments develop on two floors, following the same attempt to allow total transparencies (no walls) in the living areas and, likewise, to bring to a flat as much house-comfort as possible. The common spaces (corridors etc.) are minimized for the interior space's benefit, while at the same time they allow a different layout of each apartment in the building's section, corresponding to its position within the building.


Andrei Șerbescu
Adrian Untaru
Sebastian Şerban
Bogdan Brădățeanu

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