Țara Colibelor

Summer School 
Râul Sadului, Cindrel Mountains , 2022

The project involved the rehabilitation of a mountain hut and the documentation of 10 other such constructions. These small houses represent a typical seasonal dwelling, part of the material heritage of the area.

Most of them consist of a living room and a barn for animals, as their purpose is related to shelter during the warm season when people go up the mountain with their cows.

Țara Colibelor project aims to preserve, restore and protect more huts and thus save the mountain cultural landscape in the area of the Cindrel Mountains, in the Southern Carpathians. Later, regulations will be developed to protect this valuable cultural landscape.


HUT 10

The summer school included visits to the village, discussions around the concept of tiny houses and the local specificity of the built heritage, woodworking and tiles-making workshops with some local craftsmen, schematic surveys, drawings, and documentation of 10 specific constructions of the area, and the actual restoration of a hut - changing the roof structure, replacing the tiles with new ones, insulating the walls in traditional technique.

The volunteers lived and worked high up on the mountain, in tents and huts, understanding this type of housing from practice, not only theoretically.


Asociația My Transilvania
Atelierul Transylvanian Crafts
Primăria Râul Sadului
Format Proiect - Birou de Arhitectură
Arh. Diana Constantinescu


Adrian Untaru

Intern Architects
Andrei Ivanovits
Sorin Olteanu

Ionuț Ursachi
Alexandra Iosif

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