Tandem Offices

Bucharest, Romania
Nominated for the Annual of Architecture Award- section "Built architecture / public architecture"

Client: Forte Partners
Project duration: 2017- 2022
Gross area: 34.000 mp


The office district Sector Zero, comprising of Tandem and Millo Offices, represents the revitalization and modernization of one of the most important central areas of Bucharest.

Historically, Victoriei Avenue has been the highlight of the city’s urban life and the focal point of architectural innovation. The strong points of the Sector Zero initiative are the urban character of the proposed development and the focus placed on the quality of the public space, as well as ground floor connections, relating the buildings to their urban, central position within the city.   

Through their architecture and morphology, the two buildings complement each other. As a nod to its immediate context, the architecture of Matei Millo Office Building is a modern reinterpretation of the 1930’s New York buildings, while Tandem is a carefully negotiated play of volumes. Both designs follow a very rigorous architectural expression. 

The buildings are not conceived individually but in relation to one another, both containing commercial spaces (retail, cafes, and restaurants) on the ground floor. The landscape and the public space were designed to increase pedestrian flow and to support the activation of the area through ample green spaces, free areas for outdoor meetings and temporary events, as well as new pedestrian routes, that enable a new connection between Matei Millo and Ion Câmpineanu. 

The two office buildings situated in the very heart of Bucharest will redefine the city’s skyline, while also offering to the city centre a high-quality public space.


ADNBA  / Concept & DTAC, PTh+DE supervision
Andrei Șerbescu
Adrian Untaru
Bogdan Brădățeanu
Esenghiul Abdul
Tiberius Tudor
Laura Oniga
Cristina Budan
Mădălina Andrei


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redefining the city’s skyline

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