Mumuleanu 14 / Urban Spaces 2 in the 100 Architects of the Year International Exhibition 2020

100 Architects of the Year is an annual international exhibition that presents a unique perspective on Korean architecture, in the context of global architectural trends and exchanges.

Following the 30-year tradition of the Korean Architectural Exhibition, 100 Architects of the Year, has been expanded to become the world's first UIA-certified international exhibition since 2012.

This exhibition, hosted by the Korean Institute of Architects(KIA) and the Union Internationale des Architectes(UIA), bridges contemporary architecture with architects’ personal philosophies, and offers to the public a shared experience of immersing in architectural culture.

You can have a look to the online exibition click here and if you want read more information about our project here within the exibition click here.

Adrian Untaru
Andrei Șerbescu
Carmen Petrea
Alexandru Apostol
Raluca Răescu
© Cosmin Dragomir
© Marius Vasile
© Foarfeca Studio

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