Europan 10

Eisenstadt, Austria
Europan 10 competition 2009, second prize
Gross area: ~4.500 m²

Inventing Urbanity, regeneration, revitalisation, colonization

Any rehabilitation process should aim at re-creating the adequate modality of reaction and reacting, which would be able to normalize, bring back the equilibrium, be in control of the situation and, ultimately, create the appropriate conditions for releasing the self-adjustment. Thus, our project is not planning big gestures; it tries instead to use a series of small-scale interventions, to search for ways of gradually bringing back the “lost urbanity” of the place.
In Haydn’s town, the metaphor of Philemon and Baucis’ hospitality speaks of the relation from human to human and, further on, facilitates the exposure of a new form of inhabiting and co-habiting. In a dense mix of small, affordable housing units, the whole new housing programme is organised around the triangle – old people, students and young families with children.


Andrei Șerbescu

Adrian Untaru
Bogdan Brădățeanu
Irina Băncescu
Sebastian Șerban

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