Città dei bambini

European Competition 2009,  honourable mention
City of Frattamagiore, Napoli

Childhood is like a game, a dream, an innocent dance surrounded in mystery. The child is able to see things which remain hidden to us, and yet, we tend to show the world as it is, not as it could be. This museum is not intended to be a lesson, but would rather cause the game to surprise and to hide in order to reveal itself.
As a result it benefits from the massive, heavy, austere buildings of the factory, buildings that, like locked chests along with the departure of the last workers, have closed up amazing stories. Within and around them, are woven in Chirico colours many possible spaces, mixed in a dense time, without measure.

Thanks to centuries of hemp culture, Frattamaggiore is a city whose identity completely assimilated the old factories image. These buildings have a significant place in the collective memory of the locals, so keeping them is similar to preserving the valuable objects of a family. Our project aims to maintain all the parts, not only the material ones but also the less quantifiable – space typologies, volumes, perspectives, colors, shadows, openings and visual correspondences. The entire structure is preserved and ready to receive within her the community. The tower makes the frattezii conscious of the presence of other factories in town, the basillicas, the pigeons tower and also the infinite unknown places of Vezuviu and Tireniene Sea lighthouses.


Andrei Șerbescu
Bogdan Brădățeanu
Adrian Untaru
Irina Băncescu
Cristina Enuță
Fabiola Boca

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