"Urban Spaces" Dogarilor published in DETAIL Practice Stairs Book

"Urban spaces" Dogarilor published in DETAIL Practice Stairs Book

"Stairs are the most important vertical circulation element. They shape the space and give the entire design a unique character. However, the requirements when planning stairs are high and vary enormously depending on the multitude of building tasks and materials.

The publication assigns all staircase types into five pairs of concepts that develop dialectically. This unique design typology, along with structure typology, allows for clear classification and orientation. In addition, this detailed planning guide describes the various staircase parts, construction elements, construction types and materials for the load-bearing components of the staircase, as well as materials for coverings and handrails.

The Stair Navigator: unique design matrix
Stairs: from necessities to room sculptures
Typology, materials and construction

Authors: Christian Peter, Christine Peter, Daniel Reisch, Katinka Temme" @DETAIL

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