Mora Housing presented at SHARE 2018! Londra Housing and Occidentului Housing nominated at BNA 2018! adn-ba-invited-to-vienna-design-week 2018-exhibition-with-occidentului-40-housing-project- Andrei Șerbescu invited as member of the Creative Board at DIPLOMA 2018 Occidentului 40 first prize at Architecture Annual, Bucharest 2018 for Housing category! Occidentului 40 first prize for Architetcure category at Romanian Design Week 2018
ADN BA invited to the 2018 Romanian Design Week Main Exhibition Petra Bodea invited as Guest Speaker at Cluj by Asociația Studenților Arhitecți Cluj‎ ADN Timisoara Andrei Șerbescu invited as a Jury member at Romanian Building Awards 2017 Andrei Șerbescu invited as member of the Creative Board at DIPLOMA 2017 Andrei Șerbescu invited as Guest Speaker at SHARE Budapest 2017, International Architecture and Engineering Forum LONDRA - ZEPPELIN No146 "Urban spaces" - Dogarilor - PLOT Especial no 8 / 2017 – Modos de Habitar II Londra Housing received The Bucharest Architecture Annual Prize within the Housing category! ADN BA invited to the 2017 Romanian Design Week Main Exhibition Andrei Șerbescu will give a lecture at POLIMI / Politecnico di Milano Urban Spaces / Dogarilor Apartment Building winner at Romanian Building Awards Urban Spaces / Dogarilor Apartment Building winner at East Centric Architecture Triennale, Bucharest 2016 'Dintr-un Lemn' house / 'Case ciripite' exhibition Maicanesti, Giurcaneanu si O27 - prezentate in expozitia 'Bucuresti - capitala liniilor de fuga' Andrei Serbescu as invited critic at Raphael Zuber's design studio / EPFL, Lausanne, 2016 Urban Spaces / Dogarilor Apartment Building shortlisted for the East Centric Arhitext Awards 2016 ADN BA invited to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia curated by Alejandro Aravena Adrian Untaru / member of the jury for the Architecture Biennale Timisoara 2016 Andrei Serbescu / member of the jury for the Arhitectura.6-2016 biennale Andrei Serbescu / keynote lecturer at the EURAU 2016 Andrei Serbescu lecturer at November Talks / TU Graz Biennale Architettura Venezia 2016 / Reporting from the front European identity - Made in Europe 'Urban Spaces' exhibited at BOZAR, Brussels "Urban Spaces" - Dogarilor - A10 / no 65 / 2015 "Urban Spaces" - Dogarilor - 420. Shortlisted & Nominees "Urban spaces" - Dogarilor - DETAIL no 9 / 2015 Guests at Urban Spaces. A film about Dogarilor Apartment Building. "Urban Spaces" / Dogarilor Apartment Building won the "Milan Zlokovic" award for best architectural achievement in the Balkan Region "Urban Spaces" / Dogarilor Apartment Building Shortlisted for the 2015 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award Our new book "Dwelling together. 6 apartment buildings by ADN BA" is now available! 'URBAN SPACES' / DOGARILOR within The Serbian 2015 Annual & Arhitektura Magazine ! 'URBAN SPACES' / DOGARILOR & MORA RESIDENTIAL BUILDING nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 ! "Dwelling together. 6 apartment buildings by ADN BA". Conference & book release. FIRST PRIZE - DOGARILOR APARTMENT BUILDING & NOMINATED - MORA RESIDENTIAL BUILDING within The National Architecture Biennale 2014 ! 'URBAN SPACES' / DOGARILOR within RIFF Architecture Conference, Bucharest 2014 WAF 2014: 'URBAN SPACES'/DOGARILOR shortlisted as a finalist project within the Housing category! DOGARILOR & MORA - A10 No59 'URBAN SPACES' - DOGARILOR - DB MORA - ZEPPELIN No127 'Urban Spaces'/ Dogarilor received The Bucharest Architecture Annual Prize within the Housing category! 'URBAN SPACES' - DOGARILOR - ZEPPELIN No125 ADN at ROMANIAN DESIGN WEEK - THE INSTITUTE No13 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS BUCHAREST - Festivalul de Arhitectură Londra 2013 UNA - A10 No26 51 Birouri de Arhitectură 2010 Birouri de arhitectură - Igloomedia 2010 UNA - ATLAS OF THE UNBUILT WORLD 2013 O27 HOUSE REHABILITATION - Arhitectură Românească în Detalii - Transformări 2013 PETRU RAREȘ - URBAN HOUSING - IGLOO No119 MĂICĂNEȘTI URBAN HOUSING - Locuințe Colective România 2011 UNIVERSITY SQUARE PUBLIC SPACE - ZEPPELIN No100 CENTRAL LIBRARY CLUJ NAPOCA - ZEPPELIN No91 MATEI GIURCĂNEANU HOUSE - BNAB 2006 MATEI GIURCĂNEANU HOUSE - Romania - Architectural Moments from the 19th Century to the Present 2007 MATEI GIURCĂNEANU HOUSE - ARHITEXT No8 - 9 MATEI GIURCĂNEANU HOUSE - Arhitectura Românească în Detalii - Locuințe - 2012 EUROPAN 9 - Anuala de Arhitectură București 2008 EUROPAN 9 - E9 Results 2008 EUROPAN10 - E10 Results 2010 FABRIK CLOTHING STORE - Habitat No5 MĂICĂNEȘTI - URBAN HOUSING - Arhitectura No88 MĂICĂNEȘTI URBAN HOUSING - Igloo No110 MEDITERRANEO RESTAURANT - Arhitectura No18 O27 HOUSE REHABILITATION - Arhitext No218 RE-BUILT TIMIȘOARA - Arhitectura No.36 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS BUCHAREST - Concurs de Arhitectură UNArte 2008 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS BUCHAREST - Arhitectura No70


ADNBA was established in 2003 in Bucharest, by Andrei Șerbescu and Adrian Untaru, later joined by Bogdan Brădățeanu. The work of our practice is characterised by our attempt to search for the right balance between experiment and experience in the complex and delicate landscape of contemporary life. While we believe in architecture as a creative gesture, with cultural value and social responsibility, we also acknowledge the sometimes hazardous, and always subjective distinction between such attributes, in a rapidly changing environment as nowadays Romania and the whole of Eastern Europe.

The challenges brought by the different scales, the diverse urban and cultural contexts, or the various building types we have worked with so far, have all enriched our experience and understanding of the many-sided nature of our profession. Our practice has achieved critical recognition for both our built projects and our competitions entries, many of which have been awarded in national and international juries.

We are currently involved in a diverse body of work, including mostly residential and public projects. In all of these, we strive for a wider and wiser understanding of the city and its evolution, this being also the essential background for our thoughts, hopes and doubts. But upon this background, the specific situation which each project and place bring to us, together with its fragile ties to the people, the neighbourhoods and their stories, is what interests us most.






ADNBA Bucharest
Intrare Ion Voicu Street (former Gheorghe Ioanid) no 3, Bucharest, Romania
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ADNBA Timișoara
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